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Listing your resume is free.  But to see resumes, a free account is needed.

One Listing for each company is free of charge.

No, just youtuber like you, who love to be part of this amazing community. But most small youtubers do have capacities to do more what they like, and want somebody else to to what they don’t like. Thats the reason 4 youtootube.

Listing Submission

Other than shooting, camera and microphone, nearly any job for Youtube can be a remote one.  The grows of the network on youtootube will show if more shooting jobs will come closer to your location. So be active and help growing our community.

Not as a youtuber. You should list jobs only as collaborations. Companies should pay for listing not creatives. 

We want that who needs someone, can find those who love exactly what they are doing. And you can put all that you love into one resume. So no, only one resume is possible for now.

We’re just at the beginning, so paying for featured listing ist not necessary nor available for now.

You're Company?

Just for privacy reasons. And to protect our creatives for fraud messages. You just have to register and be part of the community to see all resumes.

This is just for youtubers who would like to collaborate with others. Often without paying at all. Instead they do share their skills to get better results. If you as a company, can offer your menpower in dedicated skills as a share also, you’re free to use collaboration.

Why not. If you search for the skills of a person who loves exactly that what you need? Then maybe the will give up to build a Channel on their own and start a carrier as a part of your business youtube channel.

Pre Question

Do I have to be a professional oder educated in any of the skills, companies are searching for? Definitely not!

You just need one or a fews skills, you can deliver good results in. If you have been educated in something that is relevant or helpful, great. 

But if you have already delivered results in the skill you love, why not offer this to other companies or youtubers who need exactly this?

Found a bug?

If you found something that’s strange or wrong on, just contact us.  Please copy the url/link to the side where it hapend. Then we could better locate to your description of what you saw. 

Still need help?

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